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5 Quick Cleaning Tips That Can Boost Productivity At Work

How to Prevent Bad Smells in the Office

Hybrid working may be the new normal, but many employers are pushing for their staff to spend more time in the office rather than working from home. Some are taking it with a lot of enthusiasm and others not so much. Of course, there are various reasons why an employee would not want to leave…

office cleaning

Back to the Office: Where are the Germs Hiding

The “work from home” government guidance is officially over, which for many people means it’s time to get back to the office. While some are truly eager to leave their home desk, others are feeling anxious. And rightly so. Life must go on with the virus on the scene, however, everyone has the responsibility to…

Office cleaning Guildford

Office cleaning

Office cleaning Guildford MiraKal Services offers a full range of office cleaning options for small and medium sized companies in the area covering Guildford. We provide one-off and regular contract office cleans for both companies in leased or owned premises, and for management companies responsible for buildings within the Guildford and surrounding area. Regular office…